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Digital Assessments with iPad /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/Digital-Assessments-with-iPad_Apple-Corp.pdf
Information provided by Apple © for using administrative tools  to help schools manage and configure iPad for daily use and for digital assessments.
iOS Features for Smarter Assessment /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/iOS_Features_for_Smarter_Assessment_Apple_Corp.pdf
Information provided by Apple © on certain features of iOS devices that need to be restricted administratively for students taking the Smarter Balanced assessments.
Secure Browser Installation Manual 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/Secure_Browser_Installation_Manual_2018-2019_DE.pdf
This manual provides detailed information about installing the secure browser on supported devices.
System Requirements /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/System_Requirements_2018-2019_DE.pdf
This document contains information about hardware and software requirements, including supported operating systems and web browsers for all DCAS applications.
DeSSA Online Error Messages /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/DeSSA_System_Error_Messages1718.pdf
This document lists error codes and messages that may appear during online testing. The English and Spanish messages for each code are listed. Unchanged for 2018-19.
Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/2667/urlt/Tech_Specs_Manual_2018-2019_DE.pdf
This document contains the technical specifications for online testing, including information about Internet and network requirements, hardware and software requirements, secure browser installation, and text-to-speech and voice packs.